Fresh Vybe's Season Pepper Trees


As we the people of The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and the world are becoming more health conscious, with regards to the products we consume we have come to the realization that there must be healthier alternatives to the chemical filled products we are putting into our bodies.

Bad diets have made us more susceptible to diabetes, hypertension, cancers and many other types of diseases. More and more the manufacturing industry is gearing itself to quantity with much less focus on the quality of the end product.

We all would agree that in order for a machine to operate at its optimum potential the finest care needs to be taken of all of its components - Inside and Out. 

Our bodies are that finely tuned machine that needs taking care of: -       

What are we really putting into your body? -       What are the ingredients of the foods we eat?  

We will constantly market the benefits of eating and consuming health-conscious products as opposed to those filled with chemical preservatives. Ongoing marketing will aim to change the behavior of our nation with regards to recklessly consuming unhealthy foods.

Fresh Vybe Offers:

* Freshly produced items from harvesting to preparation and production.
* A clean foundation of freshly prepared food from its organic garden. 
* We cater to the general public: - daily lunches, confectionaries and more by request.     
* ALL chemical free.
* Vibrant flavours (Painstaking time is taken in the preparation process to ensure that the natural flavorus are preserved).

Healthily prepared from Farm to Table!!


The name Alorganic is derived from a play on two words ALL and ORGANIC. -       

All ingredients are fully organic -       Not partly organic -       100% ORGANIC 

Unlike competing brands which include harmful additives and preservatives Fresh Vybe's Alorganic Green Seasoning uses natural ingredients that do no immediate or progressive harm to our bodies.   

Why Green Seasoning? 

The spices used in cooking can be looked at as the foundation of the food preparation process.

Our health focused green seasoning will be produced without any chemical preservatives. It aims to fill the need. Our locally produced Alorganic Green Seasoning is one of the main additives to the meals prepared.   

Fresh Vybe’s Alorganic Green Seasoning will add a healthier perspective to eating. It will allow residents of St. Kitts and Nevis and the Caribbean, (later), to feel a sense of security knowing they are consuming a health product.  This green seasoning adds flavour to meals. 
Eg: salads, meats, soups, etc. Our Alorganic Seasoning is one of the main additives to our food products.  

Business Goals:                

1.      To provide an alternative green seasoning product that is chemical free 
2.      To constantly market the importance of consuming healthy products 
3.      To offer a competitively priced all organic green seasoning product to the nation/customers 
4.      To produce products that will encourage repeat customers and a healthier way of consumption.

At Fresh Vybe, we will ensure: 

1.    There is proper implementation of customer service standards. 
2.    That customer rights and responsibilities are always acknowledged. 
3.    Taking past customer feedback and complaints into consideration to help provide a better service.